The best place of highway No. 4 – TRANSPARK ideal logistic location.

Finnish national road 4 runs all through Finland from South to North. It is used by the majority of cars driving in both directions, having a considerably high amount of transport at the same time. Additionally it is a major road link to Europe.
Vaskikello is a renowned stopping place halfway between Oulu and Jyväskylä. It is also here where main road 27, which connects the Finnish provinces Savonia and Ostrobothnia, crosses Finnish national road 4. Thus the intersection at this cross passage is well-known among transport drivers between south and north, east and west as a stopping place of high importance.

Owing to its borderline Finland functions as a link between the European Union and Russia in international transport, whose importance has intensified since the opening of the Eastern borders. The process of Internationalization has increased both competition and the need of services required in a more complex and qualitative way, no matter if tourism, transport or commuting is concerned.
Finnish National road 4 is part of the TEN-network (Trans-European network) and the Europe highway network (E75) including all road -, rail -, air - and water traffic in Europe. By covering millions of new clients as well as significant and developing industrial areas in Finland’s neighboring states the potential target area of roads has expanded immensely. So as result of economic change Finnish national road 4 can function as a European state channel.

TRANSPARK ideal logistic location